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Maritime Marionettes
Maritime MarionettesTouring since 1986,Maritime Marionetteshas gained an international reputation for their artistic excellence and high quality family entertainment.

"Ifound the artists to be highly professional, well rehearsed and skilled performers. The audience, including myself, sat in complete silence fully absorbed by the performance and story content. The theme of the play was well chosen and highly appropriate for all ages. The message was understood by all. The puppets were extremely well crafted and contributed to the overall appeal of the performance." Del Van Gorder School, Faro, Yukon Tour, June 2007

"In short, the virtuosity of the two Canadian artists is undeniable.-Mathieu Dubois, L'Ardenne,France, World Puppetry Festival

The Lonely Leprechaun
-When the Earth became too Warm-

When a young girl, named Sally, writes by candle light,
her muse magically appears as Sandy, the lonely leprechaun.
Sandy desperately needs Sallys help to find his friends,
so they can keep the world green.

Where are all the other leprechauns?

As Sally continues to write, her imagination takes
flight on a global search. Her journey reveals that the
earth is getting too warm and Sandys friends
are nowhere to be seen.

Sally is guided by a goose, an ostrich, two penguins
and a parrot, to the missing leprechauns who are
cooling the egg of a mother dragon.

Sally learns that helping cool the earth will insure
the return of Sandys friends and she is further rewarded
by witnessing the birth of a baby dragon!

Heather Taylor
Maritime Marionettes
111 Young Street
Truro, NS
B2N 3X2 Canada

PHONE: 902-843-0424
FAX: 902-484-7626