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Mocean Dance
Mocean DanceFounded in 2001, Mocean Dance is a creation company led by Dancer/Artistic Directors Carolle Crooks, Sarah Di Quinzio, Sara Harrigan and Alicia Orr MacDonald. Mocean produces and tours great new work annually, showcasing collaborations with some of North America's finest choreographers. In every performance, Mocean’s repertoire highlights its dancers’ versatility with work that infuses technical skill with emotional depth and exceptional professionalism.

Mocean is dedicated to the development of current and future audiences and will consult with presenters to create performances, residencies, workshops, and community outreach that both engage and stimulate target audiences. Noted by Paula Citron in the Globe & Mail as “definitely one to watch”, Mocean has garnered audience and critical accolades for its talent, energy, and fine repertoire.

You Tackle a Staircase Face On, by choreographer Lesandra Dodson is based on and inspired by the Spanish writer Julio Cortazar, whose The Instruction Manual is an absurd assortment of tasks and items dissected in an instruction manual format. This text presents common objects from strange perspectives and has been paired with movement vignettes that play with the obvious in a subtle and abstract way. The piece follows three characters that exist within an environment where climbing, singing, listening, waiting and following directions are integral to the often wry and absurd exploration of worst-case scenarios and instruction manuals.

Sara Harrigan
Mocean Dance
PO Box 783
Halifax, NS
B3J 2V2 Canada

PHONE: 902-431-6911
FAX: 902-423-2057