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Montreal Guitar Trio
Montreal Guitar TrioFormed by three guitarists of unbridled energy and charisma, MG3 leads its audience in a special place where jazz and world music are entwined with gusto. Spiced by a wry sense of humor, its music exubes an irresistible energy and an overwhelming passion that will make you stamp furiously ! The trio's eclectic music takes listeners on a journey through the world's many cultures — from the mysterious, exotic melodies of India to the hot rhythms of South America, Spain, the Balkans, the Orient, traditional Quebec and... Hollywood. Coming from a classical background, MG3 members also sing and write much of their material. Since it was founded at University of Montréal in 1998, MG3 has given hundreds of concerts in North America, Western and Eastern Europe, many of which have been recorded and broadcast by national networks such as CBC, Radio-France, BRAVO and Société Radio-Canada. In 2007, MG3 released its 3rd CD and had a very successful Prairie Tour in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The trio also made its debut in Danemark, New Zealand, and will perform in September at the legendary Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

Elisabeth Comtois
Station Bleue
4713 Papineau Ave.
Montreal, QC
H2H 1V4 Canada

PHONE: 514-529-0139