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L'AubergineBurletta offers the opportunity to discover a new generation of staunchly modern clowns that

dare to stray from tradition and the usual clownish antics. This creation draws from a Pandora’s
Box of actions and musical styles in which choreography and precarious balancing acts lead to
ever more silly feats.

Five characters continually grapple for the revolutionary power wielded by the absurd. Each
individual strives, derisively and insistently, for his or her rightful place in the fraternal union that
brings the group together in the end.

Burletta is an Italian term applied to small operas that are mischievous, somewhat malicious and

very good-humoured. We retain the air of gentle mockery, parody and a certain outrageousness. Created by artists from Quebec and Brazil, Burletta is a family of urban clowns that is not stan-ding still. Just as in any large family, each individual competes with derision and insistence to take their rightful place.

The characters try to distinguish themselves somehow in their performances of juggling,
balancing acts, diabolo, gymnastics, acrobatics, dance attempts, Chinese plates and whatnot!

L’Aubergine is a Québec City theatrical production ensemble that creatively interprets time-honoured traditions in a contemporary New World setting. L’Aubergine creates, produces and

pre-sents shows that highlight the art of clowning, circus techniques and live music. Since its foundation in 1974, L’Aubergine has developed into one of Québec’s most well-established, dynamic and unique children and family theatre groups, with over forty productions and more than 4 000 shows to its crédit.

Françoise Landry
801, 4e Rue, #112
Québec, QC
G1J 2T7 Canada

PHONE: 418-529-0677