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Chris Kirby
Chris Kirby“Whose Song Is It Anyway?” is a marketable concert idea from one of Newfoundland’s most promising songwriters, Chris Kirby. Like many of the East Coast’s best songwriters, Chris has taken part in several songwriters’ circles and Bluebird North performances. He has told the stories behind his songs, and has performed them with the passion that only a songwriter can.

The concept behind “Whose Song Is It Anyway?” is to present several established East Coast artists (one from each region) in a songwriters’ circle format. Each artist will perform several recognizable songs written by the other artists on stage. The original story of the song will come from the original artist, but the focus will quickly become how that song affects the other artists. For example, what particular life experience does Kim Wempe think of when they hear Chris Kirby’s “Entertainer of the Year”? What does Tim Chaisson think of when he hears Andy Brown's "Ashes"?

The learning process continues on stage for these songwriters, new versions of certain songs may emerge, and new collaborations are sure to surface – right in front of their fans. It also gives the artists an occasion to visibly appreciate each other and their music, which the audience will no doubt find charming and endearing.

“Whose Song Is It Anyway?” is the perfect touring theatre show. Including artists from each region of the East Coast will ensure supportive and engaged audiences in all four provinces, and will help the artists make countless new fans in other markets. The format is also fantastic for festivals – a new spin on the Saturday afternoon songwriters’ circle will have patrons raving and will see merchandise flying off the tables.

Let’s celebrate our East Coast artists – and let them celebrate each other!

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