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Compañía Azul
Compañía Azul"A well-balanced mélange of full-on flare with softer solo-guitar... the ensemble serves up a selection of sweet and savoury offerings, with each member of the company bringing a distinct flavour to the feast."
-Stephen Patrick Clare, Arts East
Company debut at the Neptune Studio Theatre
September 10, 2010

Compañía Azul has a heart split between the coasts of Atlantic Canada and the dry earth of Andalusia. Drawn to the beauty of the music, movement and rhythms of flamenco, Compañía Azul creates a passionate, stunning display of emotion, sound and colour. Founded by dancer Megan "Azulita" Matheson in February 2010, the group premiered at the Neptune Studio Theatre in September 2010, followed by performances at the Deep Roots Festival, Fall for Flamenco Festival, the Nova Scotia Creative Arts Gala and more recently the 2011 Halifax Jazz Festival.

Megan, who is also a principal dancer with El Viento Flamenco, is joined by fellow El Viento members, guitarist Bob Sutherby, singer Sean Harris and percussionist Tony Tucker. Percussionist Ian MacMillan and guitarist Daniel MacNeil add to the rich musical mix. Together the company strives to bring their own voice to flamenco, melding diverse backgrounds of various musical styles, while staying grounded in the great flamenco traditions.

Megan Matheson
Compañía Azul
1792 Cow Bay Rd
Eastern Passage, NS
B3G 1M3 Canada

PHONE: (902) 422-8978
FAX: (902) 422-0881