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Al Simmons
Al SimmonsAl Simmons could have been born at the turn of the century. The modern day comedy chameleon would have felt right at home beside vaudeville kings Milton Berle, Red Skeleton and Jimmy Durante. In those days, performers would treat audiences to musical comedy routines with song, dance, jokes, magic tricks and sight gags.
A creative genius with the soul of a vaudevillian, Al Simmons continues the tradition of the comedy greats. He is a wizard of one-liners, quick costume changes, out-of-this-world theatrical props, peculiar musical instruments and other assorted gadgets. Like his predecessors, Alís constantly changing performance style cannot be pigeonholed.

Al continues to take his show to fans both young and young at heart all over North America. Al, Barbara and their three sons live in Anola, Manitoba. Their home is a Simmons original creation in itself, featuring a real train bunk car, fire pole, and a padded, pillow playroom.

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