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Destins Croisés
Destins CroisésDestins Croisés presents a mixture of contemporary and urban dance in their performances, infusing it with energy and daring leaps.

Founder and choreographer Ismaël Mouaraki is the heart and mind behind Destins Croisés. Continually pushing the limits of dance by confronting aesthetics, images, habits, social origins and diverse cultures, his works generates elements of ardor, spontaneity and raw energy.

From a French-Moroccan background, Ismaël Mouaraki discovered urban dance at the age of 12 in his native region of Lorraine, in France. Self-taught, dance quickly became his creative outlet and his freedom. Curious to discover new techniques, he worked with different choreographers such as Xavier Lot, Tony Masckott, the Accrorap Company, Philippe Decouflé and Hélène Blackburn.

Since 2000, Ismaël has continued his work within his dance company, Destins Croisés. His open minded artistic approach integrates urban and contemporary dance with other artistic horizons such as Loops (2008), which was created in a Montreal subway. In his répertoire, he promotes innovation and takes audiences on new artistic adventures. In Slam in Body (2009), he worked with a slam artist to create a dialogue between text and body. And Near Future (2003), won the Best Creation prize attributed by the Office franco-québecois pour la jeunesse. The work was restaged in 2009 and a clown artist was added to the concept. In his new solo production entitled RefleXction (2010), he integrated dance to new technologies. His shows have been presented over 120 times throughout Europe and North America.

Further to his work with Destins Croisés, producers call upon Ismaël to choreograph their projects. In 2003 he choreographed the opening of the award ceremony for the Governor General of Canada, and more recently, he created in situ dance performances for the 5th edition of Pas de danse Pas de vie! organised by the Regroupement Québécois de la Danse.

Chantal Cimon
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Montreal, QC
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