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Shameless Hussy Productions
Shameless Hussy ProductionsFor the first time a play based on the electrifying true story of the woman behind the myth, Calamity Jane; Bullwhacker, Mule Skinner, Sharpshooter, Comrade of Wild Bill Hickock, Legendary Hellraiser… and Mother?? Daune Campbell stars as Janet Payne, a cussin’, fussin’, drinkin’, brawlin’, women’s studies professor who has become a legendary maverick by kissing off life’s middle of-the-road for the rougher and more thrilling ride on the trail of her lifelong heroine Calamity Jane.

“An amazing vision of a bad girl that is truly inspiring. . .” Jerry Wasserman, C.B.C. RADIO

With a mandate for “telling provocative stories about women to inspire the hand that rocks the cradle to rock the world” Vancouver’s shameless hussy productions put HERSTORY to the forefront. We search for and create work that provokes a deeper understanding of women's past, present and potential and delight in bringing it roaring onto the stages across Canada the US. Past productions include the hussies’ own Bonnie Dangerously: Fast Times With That Guy Clyde and touring productions of My Left Breast by Susan Miller and Marion Bridge by Daniel MacIvor. Our play about women’s suffrage Woman Idiot Lunatic Criminal has toured the western provinces for 3 years. For the past 5 years we have toured Canada with Summer of My Amazing Luck by Chris Craddock adapted from the novel by Miriam Toews.

Daune Campbell
5117 Walden Street
Vancouver, BC
V5W 2V6 Canada

PHONE: 604-251-3050