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Ann Vriend
Ann VriendAnn Vriend (pronounced Vreend) has headlined at festivals as far away from her hometown of Edmonton as Berlin and Australia and sold over 13,000 albums off the stage, independently.

“Easily one of Canada’s greatest unannounced singers.... Her strengths as a pianist and lyricist means Vriend is the complete package” A n E Vibe Magazine

"Ann Vriend is a brilliant songwriter, and equally gifted as a singer and piano player. Her way of writing accessible and yet highly unique and authentic songs, is, in my opinion, unparalleled by any new singer/songwriter emerging in N. America today." Dan Hill

"Oh my, what a voice! Ann Vriend's debut appearance at the Nick also showcased her stellar piano, outstanding songwriting and laugh-filled introductions, earning an enthusiastic ovation, and a well-deserved encore from a room full of new fans."
Vic Bell, Artistic Director, Nickelodeon Music Club

“Ann Vriend's [newest] album-- her first as a producer-- defies narrow genres. Each of the 12 tracks manages the rare feat of sounding at once comfortably familiar and intriguingly
original.... veer[ing] effortlessly between straight-ahead, quiet country, to soul-wrenching blues, to folk-inspired storytelling.... Don't miss her.” 3.5 of 4 Stars, Toronto Star

“Vriend is fantastic in concert – a very, very, funny woman that tends to belt out her songs in between her most entertaining comedic intervals” A n E Vibe Magazine

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