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Patrice Servant alias Servantes
Patrice Servant alias ServantesAN UNIQUE LATIN-FLAMENCO-JAZZ STYLE

« For over 90 minutes, SERVANTES literally paralyzed the audience with his warm, entertaining and lightened music. » Marc-André Joanisse, Le Droit

« The quality of his compositions and interpretations are undeniably of great quality. » André Massicotte, Espace-Musique Radio-Canada

« Something that is unique on the Canadian jazz scene! » Ottawa Jazz Festival

Having toured Spain and the Americas for over fifteen years, guitar virtuoso Patrice Servant, a.k.a. SERVANTES, offers a truly unique blend of latin-flamenco-jazz. His passionate performances feature his own compositions as well as improvisations and adaptations of well-known pieces. Hailed as innovative, intense, and generous, SERVANTES’ concerts never fail to seduce audiences. He and his stellar musicians are just waiting to blow you away!

The guitarist Servantes

After several years in different musical projects, Patrice Servant is rechristened by his band members. To highlight his passion for Latin rhythms, they call him… «SERVANTES».

Giving his first recital at 6 years old, SERVANTES has won every competition he entered. More than 15 first Prizes!

1st Prize winner, «Canadian music competition» Vancouver
1st Prize winner, «Guitar-Mauricie competition» Quebec
1st Prize winner and the Public’s Prize, , «Cégeps en spectacles» Montreal

Having obtained 2 Master’s Degree in music in Canada’s capital, where he was born, SERVANTES studies Latin rhythms in Peru and flamenco in Spain where he has been living recently.

Composition, recording, improvisation, and many more!

Master classes :
Guitar, sax, percussion, dance

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