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Faustwork Mask Theatre

Artistic Director Rob Faust founded Faustwork Mask Theatre in 1983 and since then has produced and created six shows that have toured extensively throughout North America to theatres, festivals, universities, corporate events, and schools. Faustwork has appeared worldwide at a variety of venues, including The Sydney Opera House, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, The Vancouver Playhouse, and The Maui Arts and Cultural Center in Hawaii. The company has performed in Italy, England, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brunei, Israel, and South Africa. The performance is physical theatre and comedy in the guise of a lecture/demonstration about masks. The show brims with wisdom and insight, even though at times audiences are laughing too hard to notice. Spoken word and body language combine seamlessly in order to make this show fly. A menagerie of characters unmasks the folly humans encounter when they act as if life were simple and appearances were not deceiving. In comic, poignant, or bizarre vignettes, the show features expressive silent masks, comic characters who speak from behind half-masks, and exotic creatures created by masks worn other parts of the body.

Mr. Faust has also collaborated and performed with Pilobolus Dance Theater, Jules Feiffer, Martha Clarke, and The Paul Winter Consort, with appearances on Broadway and The Tonight Show. Mr. Faust designs and creates all the masks used in Faustwork

“Inventive, magical, never less than completely absorbing…” The Toronto Star

Stephanie Filippi
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