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Pascal Lejeune
Pascal LejeunePascal Lejeuneís talent as a songwriter makes him one of the most interesting artists on the French canadian music scene. With two albums to his credit, heís currently working on his third, to be released in July 2012. Accompanied by four musicians, his new show will rock the place with his blues rock reminiscent of Quebec 70s musicians such as Pagliaro and Offenbach.

Pascalís music supports his strength: his lyrical content. He talks about love, deception, attraction, and many other topics and he'll inevitably bring his audience into his own little universe... and when he explains his songs and music in English, you will find him sweet..."

Carol Doucet
Carol Doucet Communication
81 Archibald
Moncton, NB
E1C 5J2 Canada

PHONE: 506-384-6897