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Jeremy Webb - Fishing/Heroine
Jeremy Webb - Fishing/HeroineJeremy Webb's Off The Leash Creative Ltd returns to Contact East with two new shows to present. Following his hugely successful tours (East Coast & USA) with Shakespeare On Trial and A Christmas Carol, Webb brings his new two-person comedy about the perils of internet dating, Fishing, to the stage.

"You'll fall for this play, hook, line and sinker!" The Coast

Sharing the showcase spotlight is OTL's other new offering, Karen Bassett's Heroine: a swashbuckling piece of riveting theatre about two desperate women stuck in a Jamaican jail under sentence of death in 1720. This new play is dynamic, provocative, funny and action-packed. You wonít be disappointed by itís passion, itís action and itís tight dialogue!

Visit us in the contact room to see photos, video clips, read reviews and hear about our 2012/2013/2014 touring fees and availability.

"More than this fantastic show - you have the pleasure of having wonderful and delightful people in your theatre - gracious, kind, appreciative, easy to work with. We have all worked with artists who we wish would leave as soon as they walk through the door - and then there are the delightful finds, like this great company. They were with us for three days and we didn't want to see them leave. They enjoy what they do. They enjoy the audience - young and old. They enjoy your town - your staff - your venue. They remind us why we got into this crazy business."
John Ellis, Diana Wortham Theatre, Asheville, NC

Jeremy Webb
25 Sinclair St
Dartmouth, NS
B2Y 1R7 Canada

PHONE: 902 492 0444