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Speed Control
Speed ControlPowerful. Animated. Rock!

Straight out of the University of Torontoís Jazz Performance Program, Graeme Peters teamed up with brother Jody Peters combining their love of rhythm and energy to create the fundamental chemistry that is Speed Control. With the added solid power of Newfoundlander Ian March on drums, the group uses their knowledge of music, stemming from their childhood to the present, to rock so hard with such determination that their songs will inevitably make you jump up and dance. Speed Control can rock with the best of them. Super fun, super catchy, super POP.

Speed Controlís school and community performance, From Rags to Rawk, showcases the evolution of rock music from 1898 to the present in a romp through the history of popular music. From the Mills Brothers and Johnny Cash to ACDC and originals, Speed Control delivers all tunes with vibrant onstage energy filled with humour, emotion, and spirit.

Speed Control offers 3-5 day rock camps that include public performance opportunities for all participants. The focus is skill building, on stage and in rehearsal, with sessions for beginners (Rock on Stage) to coaching for bands (Rock Harder, Rock Smarter). There is also a session for adults (Release Your Inner Rocker).

Debbie Peters
Magnum Opus Management
79 Ponderosa Drive
Whitehorse, Yu
Y1A 5E8 Canada

PHONE: 867.633.2800
FAX: 867.668.7854