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Owen Dacombe Steel
Owen Dacombe SteelGroove, strang (as in ‘string’ with a little ‘twang’), and sophisticated jug band music is where my music is getting to now. From a one man band with a 12 string tuned to C, a kick drum, and tin can microphones, to on the spot improvised ensembles with players from the crowd. The live show is most always a bit different from one to the other, and it is not uncommon for the room to start off with nervous energy, find its place, and end on a high note. It’s built to pay homage to the past, yet retain a perfectly original sound.

Jeff Andrusyk
JMA Talent
115 George Street - Suite 716
Oakville, On
L6J 0A2 Canada

PHONE: 647-847-4177 ext
FAX: 866-840-0434