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Wesli Band
Wesli BandIn 2009, Radio-Canada crowned Wesli as " Radio- Canada's Revelation". This premier world music artist - also the recipient of a 2010 Babel Med Music France Award and winner of the Galaxy Rising Star award 2011 at the London Sunfest in Ontario - -With their socially committed African-flavoured mix of roots, afrobeat and reggae, Haitian guitarist-percussionist-singer WesleyLouissaint and his fellow members of the Wesli Band offers an invitation into their colourful, festive and joyful universe. Afrobeat-inspired solid drums and transcending vocals: a do-not-missand warm blend that will get people to dance, clap and whistle.

Melanie Desjardins
Musique Multi-Montreal
1591 Fleury Street
Montreal, Qu
H2C 1S7 Canada

PHONE: 514-856-3787 ext
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