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Maria Osende Flamenco
Maria Osende Flamenco“What you don't expect to come out of the Maritimes is some of the hottest, freshest flamenco this side of the Straight of Gibraltar." The Ottawa Citizen

Pounding feet. Heavy singing. Fast guitar. Intricate percussion. Raw passion. Pure beauty. The company of four dancers and four musicians presents a unique and sensational conception of flamenco, adding a modern twist to the centuries old art form, and providing an exotic, intense and unforgettable experience.

After having danced with major companies in Europe and the National Ballet of Spain, dancer and choreographer Maria Osende created her own company upon moving to Canada from Spain in 2004. The company quickly made a strong presence in Halifax, wowing audiences and critics alike and adding a whole new dimension to the rich multicultural legacy of the region.

Amongst their presenters are the Chester Playhouse, Imperial Theatre, King’s Theatre, Marigold Cultural Centre, Osprey Arts Centre, the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau by invitation of the Spanish Embassy, as well as several Festivals.

The company has five productions in repertoire, ranging from 4-9 artists, two of which include a guest male dancer and musicians from Spain. They also offer workshops and community outreach specially targeted to audiences new to flamenco. Considered a mainstream art form in Canada by the Canada Council for the Arts, flamenco reaches audiences across the globe, transcending cultural and national borders.

Enjoy of the finest flamenco companies ever to grace Canada. Experience The Soul of Spain in the Heart of Atlantic Canada.

Dancers: Maria Osende, Francesca Nardi, Colleen PoWer and Michelle Raiche-Marsden

Musicians: Enrique Rojo (vocals), Jose Vega (guitar), Kirsty Money (violin), Ian MacMillan (percussion)

Maria Osende
Maria Osende Flamenco Co.
35 Lakeview Ave
Dartmouth, NS
B3A 3S8 Canada

PHONE: 902 492 8878