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Treasa Levasseur
Treasa LevasseurBlending old school R&B grooves with a songwriting ethic that comes from years of playing folk music, Treasa Levasseur's smart, sassy and soulful brand of music has made her a hot name through the folk, roots, blues and jazz communities. To follow up to her 2008 critically acclaimed and Juno-nominated album Low Fidelity, and most recently, The Memphis Sessions (a 45 rpm vinyl record released in April 2011), Levasseur gathered some of Canada’s best bands and players into the studio. Their expertise comes across through the energy and entertainment the new album Broad (released NOV 2011) brings to the listener. While it’s easy to understand why the album would be named Broad when reviewing the talented players and variety of producers featured for the recording process, Levasseur also says she named the record Broad to reflect the many musical influences she is inspired by. Treasa remains one of the most versatile of artists, drawing from a deep pool of influences ranging from Brill Building pop to Muscle Shoals soul, and all points in-between. She’s been compared to Laura Nyro, Bonnie Raitt, Carole King and Marcia Ball.
Album Bio:
Funny. Ballsy. The type of old-school dame who can get away with wearing a three-piece suit and hold her own with the gents. That’s Treasa Levasseur. Now she has completed a third full-length album, which represents both a return to her roots and a gutsy move into uncharted territory — and she’s cheerfully titled it Broad.
Levasseur says she also named the record Broad to reflect the many musical influences the various players and producers brought to the table. The new album — a summary of where her music (and her life) is at the start of a new decade — was created with the singer working with four bands, four different producers, in three studios in two different towns.
“Making four bands sound like they all belong on one album was the hardest — and the most rewarding — part of this project,” she explains. “I’ve had the chance to play with so many people over the years, and I really wanted to celebrate all those connections on this record. At the same time I wanted — needed — to give myself a chance to branch out, explore new musical spaces, and let things evolve organically.”

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