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SoHo Ghetto - Mentorship Artist
SoHo Ghetto - Mentorship ArtistGenre: Indie/folk/pop

SoHo Ghetto is a 7 piece indie-folk band from Halifax featuring a surprising mix of big-sound power and intimate songwriting. Artful arrangements, big harmonies and hook-laden anthems have been garnering SoHo critical praise and industry buzz. Their pop sensibility and orchestral whimsy makes them worthy of the interest they have been receiving.

SoHo Ghetto are touring in June and playing festivals and large stages around the East Coast all summer including Halifax Canada Day, Seaport Beerfest and The Granville Green.

"Dynamic and ensnaring.. immeasurable and contagious live show" - Josh McGrath - GUFF Magazine

"...the type of band that grabs your ear at a show and holds your heart as a fan." Bryan Acker - HeroHill

"The Halifax band can dazzle in the manner of Newfoundland's Hey Rosetta! with how fine ensemble playing can scorch their songs into your brain when the chemistry is right." Doug Taylor - The Coast

Marc-Antoine Robertson
2550 Windsor St.
Halifax, NS
B3K 5C3 Canada

PHONE: 902-292-2107