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Catherine MacLellan
Catherine MacLellanIt is Catherine MacLellan's voice that strikes you first. Pure and haunting, it caresses softly, insinuating itself into your heart, and just won't let go. Then, the subtle strengths of her deeply confessional, powerfully poetic songs emerge, revealing hidden layers with every listen. It is this combination that makes Church Bell Blues, MacLellan's sophomore album, a bona fide roots music gem. The disc was released independently on the East Coast last year, but Catherine's recent signing to True North Records will bring it much wider exposure.

The best songwriters are able to give their introspection and soul-searching a universal resonance, a gift MacLellan displays here. "I definitely write about my personal experience, and I find people seem to respond by relating it to their own personal situations. That way, the songs are not necessarily just about me, and that's what you aim for,"
she observes astutely. This is a characteristic of the work of many of the singer/songwriters Catherine cites as influences and inspirations, artists such as Joni Mitchell, Nanci Griffith, Townes Van Zandt, and her East Coast peer, Julie Doiron.

With the release of her first album Dark Dream Midnight, she began touring outside the region into the Quebec and Ontario markets to a very positive response.
She has certainly been embraced by the Atlantic Canadian audience, as shown by her two 2005 PEI Music Awards and her four 2006 awards, as well as multiple East Coast Music award nominations in 2006 and 2007. She appeared on the ECMA awards show in 2007 and will be featured in a segment of a new CBC telelvisin series to be aired in the spring called East Coast Sessions.

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