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Red Sky Performance (Pitch)
Red Sky Performance (Pitch)Red Sky Performance creates new works, tours, innovates, and make lasting community connections anchored here in Canada while making new inroads around the globe. Our new work, Mistatim, is a coming of age story about the truest of friendships. A wooden fence is all that separates Calvin's ranch and Speck's reservation, but in many ways they are worlds apart. An unlikely friendship is struck between the two 11-year olds when Calvin attempts to 'break' the only horse no one else can tame in order to prove himself to his father. Speck, who is struggling to find her place in her family, discovers her incredible gift to communicate with horses. Working together to rein in the wild horse, Calvin and Speck learn to communicate with one another across the divide of their own cultures. (Theatre/Dance)

Sandra Laronde

PHONE: 416-585-9969