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Christina Martin
Christina MartinExperimentation is the lifeblood of any artist. But occasionally they experience moments when everything comes into focus, and suddenly they have opened a door to a limitless creative future. Christina Martin has reached that point on her fifth album, ‘It’ll Be Alright,’ a 10-song collection that finds the Halifax-based singer-songwriter attaining what her music has always suggested, a place where the ghosts of her musical heroes freely mingle with pop-rock’s modern architects.

“This album is a real triumph, and Christina’s thoroughly adapted to the new style she’s taken on board, creating ten track that’ll appeal to indie rock and country fans alike.
- Elizabeth Mayfield, Mentioned Reviews (UK)

Christina Martin
444 Carrington Rd. RR#1
Port Howe, NS
B0K 1K0 Canada

PHONE: 9024563878