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Horse + Bamboo Theatre "Angus - Weaver of Grass"
Horse + Bamboo Theatre Horse + Bamboo Theatre Company have been making and touring high quality visual theatre for over 30 years. Horse + Bamboo’s audiences leave with a mind full of lasting images that can rarely be compared to anything seen before or after.

Angus- Weaver of Grass was developed in 2012 and toured in the Scottish Highlands and Islands as well as Glasgow and Edinburgh Fringe Festival in both 2012 and 2013. The show tells Angus MacPhee’s story, using masks, puppets and film, with almost no dialogue. The story unfolds using Gaelic narrative and song which is “more of an addition to the setting and the atmosphere than a necessity to follow what is happening.”

Esther Ferry-Kennington
Horse + Bamboo Theatre
679 Bacup Rd
BB4 7HB United Kingdom

PHONE: 00441706220241