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Motus O
Motus OFate or freedom? Divine rule or personal fulfillment? A band of renegade monk’s journey through colourful landscapes and drink deeply of the offerings of this world. Along the way they meet Fate herself, an angel, a
devil, lovers, a cowboy, a taskmaster -- even a barmaid! These figures and many more illuminate the shadow and light found in the human soul. They are found in Carmina Burana.

MOTUS O’s Carmain Burana was originally commissioned by the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto for an international conference celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Carl Orff. This commissioning world premiered at the Royal Conservatory of Music’s Recital Hall in Toronto in April 2006.

In MOTUS O’s interpretation of this amazingly beautiful opera Carmain Burana begins with the world in chaos. Fortuna, the Goddess of Fate, comes and releases humans into the discovery of creativity. From this awakening, dancers, actors, puppeteers, stilt walkers and musicians integrate with one another on stage exploring Carl Orff’s themes of spring time, tavern life and love. Through MOTUS O's succinct weaving of this operatic score, live performers and video footage, stunning costumes and the physical realm of dance theatre this production brings to you a total theatrical experience!

Since 1990, under the artistic directorship of James Croker, Cynthia Croker and Jack Langenhuizen, MOTUS O has been enthralling audiences of all ages across Canada and internationally. The company is known for their physical inventiveness, lighting quick action, grace, raw energy and humour, all trademarks of their unique style earning them rave reviews and outstanding audience responses.

Jack Langenhuizen
Motus O
260 Second St
Stouffville, ON
L4A 1B9 Canada

PHONE: 905-640-8647
FAX: 905-471-8332