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Mud Bay Jugglers
Mud Bay JugglersThirty-three years ago two young friends began experimenting with gravity. These bearded unabashed and exuberant risk takers were soon entertaining and amazing audiences. Their joy and humor compelled another to join, and the collaboration expanded. Creative process became the vehicle, fun the destination, and they were on their way. Doug Martin, Alan Fitzthum and Harry Levine traveled the continent performing thousands of shows at festivals, colleges, and theaters. They developed a unique performance style that combined impossible looking juggling with precise choreography, physical comedy, and theatrical flourishes. Like fine wine, and facial hair, their show has grown richer and fuller over the years.

Alan Fitzthum
Mud Bay Jugglers
1443 Mix Street NW
Olympia, WA
98502 United States

PHONE: (360) 866-1636