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Taxi Chain
Taxi ChainTaxi Chain is a musical adventure, an incredibly original musical combo founded in 1993 by Grier Coppins. Prior to Taxi Chain, Coppins was an original member of the renegade Canadian bagpipe-world-jazz-funk fusion band Rare Air in the 1980’s, critically recognized as musical pioneers of their time. Coppins who grew up in a traditional Highland Bagpipe musical environment has always been fiercely original.
A total of five players make up the band, with a whole lot more instruments. Besides delivering his trademark scruffy vocals, Coppins plays bagpipes, tenor guitar and tin whistle. Other instruments in the quintet include saxophones, flutes, blues harp, guitar, mandolin, backing vocals, bass and drums. Put this all together and you have one distinct musical groove.

Taxi Chain’s music has been described as “a delicious smorgasbord of R&B, soul and pop with a large side dish of bagpipes to spice up the unit”. (ID Magazine) That’s just one view, here’s another:

“Taxi Chain sounds like what would happen if you took Tom Waits on a two day bender and then got him a gig at a country bar, fronting a rock band, while playing the bagpipes. A wry look at life that turns the blues around like a three Martini lunch.” (C’est What? Website)

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