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Sarah Hagen (Pitch)
Sarah Hagen (Pitch)“One of the best hours I’ve ever spent at the Fringe.” [The Coast, Halifax] For her role as “classical pianist”, Sarah Hagen was awarded as the BC Touring Council’s 2015 Touring Artist of the Year. With a concertizing career taking her all the way to Carnegie Hall, Sarah’s favourite audience reviews remain: "She played the piano" and "It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.” Combining impassioned piano playing, heartfelt storytelling, and a a healthy dose of the ridiculous, Sarah brings to the stage "Perk up, pianist!" - A new sit-down musical comedy act that will make you "fall in love with its performer.” [Montreal Rampage]

Sarah Hagen
2104-255 Glenlake Avenue
Toronto, ON
M6P 1G2 Canada

PHONE: (778) 872-7244