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L'Aubergine (Pitch)
L'Aubergine (Pitch)Since its founding in 1974, our Aubergine has moved from one garden to another to the delight of children young and old, including many adults. The company has performed
over 50 shows for children and families and inspired thousands of spectators.

TerZettto - "Three doors, three chairs, three wooden boards... One light bulb... In this timeless setting, the very different worlds of three clowns will collide. Gradually forgetting their own individuality, they build rapport around what they hold most dear: their playfulness, their ‘joie de vivre’ and an uncontrollable imagination."

Francois Landry
801, 4e rue#112
Quebec, QC
G1J 2T7 Canada

PHONE: (418) 529-0677