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SNAFU! Comedy (Pitch)
SNAFU! Comedy (Pitch)Maine residents Michael Menes and Leland Faulkner both have made their livelihoods as professional variety entertainers and are both well established solo artists. Michael and Lelands’ paths first crossed back in the 1980’s when the two first met at a worldrenowned school for physical theater in Maine called the Celebration Barn. At “The Barn” the two studied mime, improvisation, theater, and comedy under the direction of
Tony Montanaro, a smart fella who inspired lots of folks. About a million years laterthey got together for improv sessions and began developing a new touring show with an
emphasis on physical comedy.

Michael Menes
Eureka, Theatre of Comedy
357 Darnit Rd
Buckfield, ME
04220 United States

PHONE: (207) 795-0170