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AYRADSinger, guitarist, composer and band leader, Hamza Abouabdelmajid grew up in the medina of Fez, Morocco, before settling in Montreal in 2005. For its part, Annick Beauvais (oboe, vocals) is active on the music scene Montreal for several years on various projects. The musical bond between the two is felt at their first meeting. It emerges in songs carried by the exceptional voice of Hamza (which translates AYRAD Berber language) with unique arrangements for guitar and oboe.

After launching the project, Hamza (which means lion in Arabic) decide to give it its own name, but in his translation in Berber language: AYRAD (pronounced “hi-e-rad”). A cross cultural music, combining Andalusian and Berber rhythms, reggae and Moroccan Chaabi grooves, and strains of pop and rock. A unique blend that draws in adventurous listeners and excites passionate fans of World Music.

Galvanized by the exceptional voice of Hamza, this group of experienced musicians is able to take their songs to the limit, infusing them with a contagious, quasi-magical energy that leaves no audience untouched. Their synergistic power in concert and on disc is absolutely extraordinary.

Annick Beauvais
Coop Les Faux-Monnayeurs
Montreal, QC

PHONE: 514-312-7142