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L’Aubergine - 'TerZettto'
L’Aubergine - 'TerZettto'In order to shine the spotlight on the relationships between characters, the scenic space is kept as sparse as possible. The set has only three doors: doors that symbolize the passage between two worlds, between the known and the unknown, between our inner world and the public sphere. The door that opens fully, the door that is ajar, the door that closes, the door we walk through, that separates, that gives access to, the one that invites you in or slams shut, the one that protects us or locks us in. We do not seek to establish a narrative, but rather to make discernible what the characters portray, experience, feel, and what their contact with others generates and shakes up in their own sensory worlds.

Raphael Frechette
Quebec, QC

PHONE: 418-529-0677 #12