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Theatre du Gros Mecano
Theatre du Gros MecanoThe Bookshop
Colour, magic and romance!

A Théâtre du Gros Mécano (Québec) production,
in coproduction with the National Arts Centre (NAC) English Theatre (Ottawa)

“Colour, fantasy, magic, and irresistible movement; a romantic comedy… that explores the serious notions of self-esteem, the desire to love and be loved, and the importance of listening to one’s own heart when it goes “boom, boom!” and firmly seizing the day.”
Jean St-Hilaire, Le Soleil (Quebec City)

Translated by Maureen Labonté, the play that so delighted French audience is certain to be as engaging and well-loved as the original. The Bookshop is suitable for audiences ages 8 and 98 – a romantic comedy that lifts the spirits and brings a smile to the face.

The Story:
It’s the day of the grand opening! First thing this morning, Jane officially took over as owner of the old bookshop on the corner. Everything is going smoothly until she receives a visit from the charming Samuel, who has just opened a chocolate boutique next door. Jane suddenly finds herself tongue-tied with shyness. Since troubles always seem to come in bunches, who should appear in the bookshop in the middle of the night but a charming old gentleman looking for a book he misplaced… more than 70 years ago?

“I wanted to talk about and share my love of books, those marvellous things that contain all the stories in the world, from picture books to universal encyclopedias.
I wanted to talk about the irresistible urge to take a book and devour every word, gulp down every syllable; to dive into a book, get lost in a book. Every book is unique and speaks directly to our heart. It’s a passport to imaginary worlds.”
Marie-Josée Bastien

Helene Basque
Theatre du Gros Mecano
310 boul Langelier #232
Quebec, QC
G1K 5N3 Canada

PHONE: 418-649-0092
FAX: 418-559-6226