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Alex Zerbe
Alex ZerbeWith the energy of 1,000 suns, The Zaniac shines like a comedy beacon as he bounces from one end of the stage to the other like an untamed rubber band. Jaws will drop, and eyes will pop as Alex slices vegetables in half with a flying playing card, juggles ping pong balls with his mouth, and gives the audience the world's largest high-5 in the ultimate family comedy experience.

The Zaniac zigzags between physical stunts, jokes, and audience engagement. Beatboxing, juggling, sight gags, eccentric music, and magic will inspire the children and families in your communities to become life-long patrons of the performing arts. Come see why this two-time Guinness World Record holder was voted "Seattle's Funniest Prop Comic."

Alex Zerbe
The Zaniac

PHONE: 206-409-9004