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The Daly Family Collective
The Daly Family Collective'If a Place Could be Made'

We are a collective of Newfoundland artists of multiple skills working, together and separately, for over 20 years.
Diana Daly is a multi-instrumentalist, performer, storyteller and songwriter.
Louise Moyes was awarded the Canada Council Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award for Innovation in Dance 2016.
Anne Troake is an award-winning filmmaker, dancer, choreographer, movement coach and installation artist.
Performances to date: St. John’s (4 nights, sold-out); New York; NAC Ottawa (sold Out); Goose Bay Theatre; Gander + Labrador City ACCs; Remount 10 nights RCA Theatre Company 2017; Tour 18 Schools NL. Upcoming: King’s Playhouse PEI 2019.
Workshops: Songwriting, Dance and Storytelling; theme of Inclusion.
Shows: Evening + School Shows

Louise Moyes
Daly Family Collective

PHONE: 709-722-3203