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La Terza Classe
La Terza ClasseLa Terza Classe, an original folk-pop band born in 2012 on streets of Naples, Italy. For the past 6 years the group has dug deep into American folk/bluegrass & roots music, exploring traditional sound from a very unique perspective. The result, a highly developed, energetic and captivating American sound driven by a truly animated Italian spirit evident during their live performances. The band's most distinctive characteristic, it?s tight and powerful vocal harmonies paired with a lively beat that carries audiences to their feet. Their performance is a mixture of original and traditional folk songs which are well connected to a contemporary new-folk/pop sound, all the while never forgetting to infuse a little hidden Neapolitan taste.

Lisa Jonsson
Fancy That Promotions
Marietta, GA
30066 United States

PHONE: 404-849-1233