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PapagroovePapagroove is yet again ready to surprise us. This time around, the indomitable beast puts itself in the hunter's bo. 'Work, competition, envy, religion, love and blind submission to power can lead to excesses as well as to the destruction of our social, environmental and relational structures' says singer songwriter Sebastien Francisque. 'The songs seek to highlight the fact that our modern activities are only an adaptation of our instinct into a contemporary context and that our greed stems from this hunter-gatherer heritage of ours. This instinct remains deeply rooted in us' .Marking the beginning of a new era, THE HUNT undeniably retains the social dimension omnipresent and inseparable from their previous efforts.

Patrick Nadon
Les Faux-Monnayeurs
Montreal, QC
H2G 1Y9 Canada

PHONE: 514-312-7142