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Fred Piston (Frédéric Demers)
Fred Piston (Frédéric Demers)One need simply attend a concert by Frédéric Demers to see why this musician is considered one of the best Canadian trumpet and cornet players in generations. Frédéric currently teaches at the Val-d’Or Conservatory, as well as at Montreal’s Regina Assumpta College. This strong-willed and technically flamboyant young virtuoso is also in great demand as an orchestral soloist. In 2009 alone, he has been invited to play with some one dozen Canadian symphonic and major wind ensembles.

Frédéric very much enjoys the contact with children that music affords him. Through his music, he can convey strong emotions that offer a different experience from that provided by movies, television, or video games. In 2007, he created a multimedia show that features eight or more different types of trumpets. In just two years, this show, which is in high demand in several Canadian provinces, has been presented over 170 times before more than 20,000 youths of ages 3 to 12.

Frédéric Demers is also very passionate about chamber music. He was a founding member of the IMPACT Brass Quintet in 1994 and continues to perform with the group to this day. More recently, in 2007, he also joined the very dynamic Ensemble Magnitude6, which has given itself the mission of fostering public awareness and appreciation of new and avant-garde music.

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