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John Sheehan
John SheehanYou’ll post his YouTube video to your Facebook profile (betcha twenty greenbacks), and recite the best parts of his jokes the same way your friends cite Monty Python. Everyone relates to the show because you've actually had that friend, aunt, brother, or other whacked out relationship. Couple that with legendary Newfoundland timing and its bust-a-gut-loosen-the-top-button-milk-through-yer-nose-pee-your-pants-a-little-bit…funny. He is John Sheehan and he has no frickin’ clue how he ended up doing this.

Here’s what we think happened:
A former touring comic with Yuk Yuk’s, who went on to appear at The Halifax Comedy Festival, The St. John’s Comedy Festival (nationally aired on CBC), CBC Radio’s The Debators, and in several television commercials. Then it was stand-up gigs with corporate clients such as Labbatt Breweries, Royal LePage, and Sobey’s. Throw in three kids, a patient wife, a mortgage and way too much CPR training (he is a firefighter too – check out MR. JANUARY…seriously) and the choice was obvious. Comedians are at the top of the recession food chain right?

Shelley Chase
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