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Brockway Biggs
Brockway BiggsThe charisma of Ottawa-Fredericton rapper Brockway Biggs (formerly Pimp Tea) has been winning over diverse crowds for the past 10 years. Biggs imparts an infectious energy at every show, leaving his music best described as a fun "breath of fresh air." Inspired by his late Great Great Uncle Don Messer (a fiddling legend), his entertaining stage presence is cultivated from the vintage vibe of story telling, crowd participation, props and freestyle dance moves.

He toured Canada in 2008, won an East Coast Music Award in 2005, has charted on 40+ radio stations and been featured on most major Canadian TV networks. He’s collaborated with household names like Gordie Johnson (of Big Sugar/Grady), Nelly, and Canadian rap stars the likes of Classified, Skratch Bastid, D.O and J-Bru. His 3 albums, multitude of videos, annual Canadian rap compilations and community support have established him as a central figure in the Canadian hip-hop indie scene.

Troy Neilson
Brockway Entertainment
PO Box 90014
Ottawa, ON
K1V 1J8 Canada

PHONE: xxx.xxxx