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Dufflebag Theatre
Dufflebag TheatreDuffleBag Theatre will be showcasing an excerpt from Sleeping Beauty.
In this story, the narrator begins an enchanting tale when, suddenly, an unsuspecting audience member is brought into the show to play one of the lead roles! After being given a costume from the trunk, that person becomes one of the Fairy tale’s character! With each DuffleBag Theatre performance numerous key roles are given to the audience members and the entire audience participates in this interactive story-theatre event.

By providing a safe environment for all participants, the DuffleBag Theatre narrator encourages the spontaneity that makes every one of these highly engaging shows a truly magical experience.

Susan Habkirk
Prologue to the Performing Arts
55 Mill Street
Building # 74, Suite 201
Toronto, ON
M5A 3C4 Canada

PHONE: 888-591-9092