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Violin on a String
Violin on a StringThis fun and captivating performance introduces audiences to the lively and bubbly Madame Violon, who is head over heels for one particular four-stringed instrument. Using a slide projector, she shares her extensive knowledge in a humorous and whimsical way. The entire production unfolds under the friendly eye of her trusty piano accompanist, Herr Allan von Sutton, as they play their favourite works of music.

Marie-Hélène da Silva, Artistic Director, Musician and Actress, Cofounder of the MOULIN À MUSIQUE and artistic director since 1980, Marie-Hélène da Silva grew up in a family where theatre stood at the heart of education. Graduated from Université du Québec in pedagogy, she developed an innovative artistic approach by incorporating drama in musical
performances for young audiences. As a violinist, actress and teacher, she was involved in creating and perrforming many productions, including Un violon sur l`épaule (Violin on a String) which received in
1997 the Opus Prize for Best Production for Young Audiences awarded by the Quebec Music Council.
She toured extensively in all kinds of venues in different productions. In 2004, she wrote and directed
her first play Bonnes Nouvelles (Good News) a blend of music, theatre and contemporary dance.

Allan Sutton, Musician, Pianist, teacher and composer Allan Sutton is a passionate and multi-faceted artist renowned for his creative teaching for children. He is currently a guest teacher at the Studea Musica institute and continues to be involved in composing and performing music for film. Allan Sutton tours with The Moulin à Musique since 1989. He also featured in concerts and has recorded with the Horizon Ensemble and The Ten Gates Dance Company.

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