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Quebec Viennese Music Society
Quebec Viennese Music SocietyThe Quebec Viennese Music Society, directed by Mr Jean Deschênes, is dedicated to promote traditional Viennese music or music from the “Alt Wien” (old Vienna) period, which encompasses the works of Schrammel, Strohmayer, Schubert, the Strauss dynasty, Ziehrer, Fahrbach and Lanner, to name only its most prominent figures. The QVMS’ impressive discography is of tremendous value to the music community. The ensemble has also been acknowledged on several occasions by Vienna’s highest musical authorities.

Viennese Promenade Concert is an overview of Schrammelmusik, Viennese folklore and the dances of Lanner, presented by their Schrammel quartet, a one of a kind ensemble in North America. Featuring gypsy and Hungarian music and many more of the lively musical styles originating from the taverns of old Vienne, the concert VIENNESE PROMENADE is original by its authenticity.

You will travel around charming region such as Vienna – Slovakia – Bosnie – Dalmatie – Macedonia – Italy – Romania – Bohemia and Hungary. Composed of Brigitte Lefebvre and Solange Bellemare, violins – Anne Lauzon, Viennese G clarinet and the Wiener Knopfharmonika – Jean Deschênes, Contraguitarre the quartet will surely impress.

Danielle Lefebvre
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