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Yadong Guan
Yadong GuanThe pipa is one of the most ancient instruments still played in present times. During the Tang dynasty, between 618 to 907 A.D., pipa became the most appreciated instrument in China. Since then, its popularity has never decreased over the centuries, while its repertoire and technique have been transmitted and developed from generation to generation. Chinese native Yadong Guan is now living in Canada since 1997. She has been selected many times to participate in cultural exchanges and distinguished herself in various contests as a pipa virtuoso as well as a composer.

Both through the exotism and diversity of her musical repertoire and the artistic finesse of her performance, the pipa concert "Fréquence Pékinoise" offered by the virtuoso Yadong Guan trio brings a special magic to the ear and soul of the listener. In traditional Chinese repertoire, in original compositions or in adaptation of musical works by western composers, the interpretations are sensitive, touching and compelling; the sounds are mesmerizing and fascinating. A brilliant and inspired artist, an instrument to discover, makes this concert an experience of beauty!

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