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Pascal Lejeune
Pascal LejeuneThis Canadian artist’s musical career started out six years ago when he first started to play his songs in front of audiences. People quickly noticed his talent, and he fared well in a number of song writing contests, collecting numerous awards and prizes along the way. These honours gave him the opportunity to tour Canada and to do shows in France and Belgium, but after all these successes, he set his sights elsewhere. Instead of singing songs, he decided to open a café in a small Canadian village, where he hosted shows for a couple years.

His love of music was always there, and in 2006, he came back to his first love. He found a manager, and started to do shows once more.

Since his artistic rebirth two years ago, he toured in Canada, France and Belgium. His busy touring schedule gave him the reputation in Eastern Canada of being one of the most promising and solid French language songwriters.

His music supports his strength: his lyrical content. He talks about love, deception and attraction, and he’ll inevitably bring you into his own little universe tonight.

Carol Doucet
81 Archibald
Moncton, NB
E1C 5J2 Canada

PHONE: 506.384.6897