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Susanna Hamnett - Nearly Lear
Susanna Hamnett - Nearly LearSusanna trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and acted in England and Europe before coming to Toronto to study clown with John Turner and Michael Kennard (of Mump and Smoot), with whom she has worked regularly ever since.
She has been privileged to work and train with remarkable artists including the afore-mentioned Mump and Smoot, Patsy Rodenburg, Yoshi Oida, Anatoly Vassiliev, Theatre Smith-Gilmour, Theatre Columbus, Theatre Alibi (in association with Theatr Gardziniesce), Red Shift Theatre, Kneehigh Theatre, as well as a period at the Moscow Arts Theatre School.

Nearly Lear is Susanna’s first full-length solo performance, bringing together her great passions for Shakespeare and Clown

Nearly Lear
What if the great and tragic story of King Lear were to be told by the King’s closest companion – his own Fool? This is ‘Nearly Lear’. Seen through the eyes of Lear’s devoted clown, Norris, the story becomes not only poignant and tragic, but also mischievous, tender and achingly funny.

Susanna Hamnett plays Norris who, in good Shakespearean tradition, is actually Noreen disguised as a boy. Fiercely devoted to the King and his daughter, Cordelia, Norris/Noreen is devastated by the tragedy that befalls them. Until her father suggests that she go out and share this story with the world.

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