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In Good Company - God's Middle Name
In Good Company - God's Middle NameAn evocative parable of crashing into the unknown and accepting the unknowable, Godís Middle Name is a compelling tale of one motherís journey through the uncharted territory of raising an autistic child. An episodic journey over the course of 10 years, from a life-altering diagnosis, through stages of denial, anger, depression, bargaining and finally acceptance. Along the way are flights of fancy and an abundance of humour, found both in Jenniferís approach to the challenge and in Nicís perception of the world around him. Written with unflinching honesty, sensitivity, and a lightness of touch, the play explores the struggles and celebrations of the many challenges life throws in our path.

Denyse Karn
In Good Company - God's Middle Name
5667 Kaye Street
Halifax, NS
B3K1Y6 Canada

PHONE: 902-440-1097