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Sierra Noble
Sierra NobleBest known as a fiddle virtuoso who breezes through Celtic, Bluegrass, Pop, Jazz, World beat and other styles of music with stunning ease, Sierra's breadth of experience is impressive. Since the age of 7, Sierra has been a student of classical music as well as the traditional music of the Métis. Her talent has taken her around the world where she has visited countries in Asia, Europe and North America. She amazes audiences with compelling contemporary performances which feature exceptional instrumentals, energetic step-dancing and her infectious down to earth charm.

Never one to rest on her laurels, it is no surprise that 19 year old Sierra wants to expand and develop her musical talents. With a new EP to her credit, aptly named "Possibilites", Sierra's journey as a singer-songwriter is off to a promising start. Her voice is a study in gorgeous contradictions - wonderfully pure yet layered with subtle, smoky tones. Her songs speak of universal themes of love, longing and discovery wrapped in infectious melodies and delivered with sincerity and conviction.

Sierra Noble – a force to be reckoned with.

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