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Ryan LeBlanc Introduces...
Ryan LeBlanc Introduces...Against the Grain is an appropriate title for Ryan LeBlanc’s latest ECMA winning CD. After all, his approach to playing music is anything but conventional.

Weaving together rich acoustic guitar tones, the unique timbre of a claw hammer banjo, and the sweet, lonely voice of harmonica, Ryan creates layered melodic soundscapes that are nothing short of captivating. A strong rhythmic feel from cajon (box drum) and djembe is accented by the resonating tones of his instruments as his hands dance gently between fret board and body.

Ryan’s unique performance style defies genre. He has endured every label from percussive blues and alternative roots to jazz and world fusion. Of course, none of these titles come close to capturing what Ryan’s music really is but they do touch on the elements it includes.

Jamie Steel
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