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Lunch & the St. John's Experience
Date: Saturday, September 22, 2018
Time: 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Location: The Rocket

After a delicious lunch at the Rocket Bakery (an APA Staff fave!!) chose between two stunning and entertaining walking tours:

Route #1: Historic Downtown Walking Tour

St. John’s boasts one of the finest landlocked harbours in the world. A beautiful, glacially carved bowl, whose housing and mercantile development is layered in distinct chronological tiers around the gently sloping hillsides that confine the waterfront. Walking through the downtown core rewards guests with a rich and varied history, amazing vistas, brilliant architectural exhibits, and many fun and fascinating stories. Your local guide will regale you with their personal anecdotes and a proper interpretation that breathes life into every minute of this relaxing stroll.

Route #2: Signal Hill Hike

The North Head Trail is the most popular and arguably, the most spectacular hike in eastern Newfoundland. Let your imagination soar as you top out on Signal Hill to gaze upon the surrounding ocean and the entrance to the finest landlocked harbour in the world. There are plenty of stairs along this route, though they mostly lead downhill and are strategically separated by amazing views, an assortment of field flowers, wild blueberry bushes, and of course, the never--‐ending interpretations of our fascinating geological world. Nearer sea level, the trail begins to wind around the headlands, carrying us across several rock clefts, through WW2 bunkers, and on to the ‘Battery’, a historic fishing village that lines the harbours edge and borders the city’s downtown region.

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